Personal Training

Personal Training Basel
Personal Training 1:1
The classic personal training. It is designed to perfectly fit your needs to achieve optimal training results.
We offer three different types of workouts.

  • Intensive Workout
    30 minutes
    The perfect workout if you only have a limited amount of time and want to get the most out of it. We will start with a quick warm up and then focus on one main goal; the workout is completed by a short cool down. You will definitely leave sweating!
  • Regular Workout
    60 minutes
    This is the amount of time you need for a well-balanced training, with enough time to focus on more than one goal. This workout consists of a warm up, a few clear goals to work on and an extensive cool down including stretching.
  • Extensive Workout
    90 minutes
    This is the perfect time frame for a complete full-body workout.
    There is enough time for an extensive good warm up that will put your body into its optimal working state. In the main part we will work on getting your whole body into perfect shape, focusing on a wide variety of goals and areas. Finally working out will end with a cool down and stretching that supports the regeneration of your muscles.
To mothers and fathers:
Please feel free to bring your child/children to the workouts. As soon as they are old enough, we will do our best to integrate them into your workout with adequate activities. Note: the workout might be less intense, since you inevitably have more distractions and pauses.
Personal Training 1:2
You are welcome to workout with a partner; of course the same training plans as described above in the 1:1 training can be chosen.
Where will the workout take place?
Anywhere you would like: outdoors, at your home, your office or of course at our studio.
We suggest you have a regular amount of your training time at the studio, since Power Fitness has some great equipment that cannot be transported and furthermore we have a lot of space to move freely.
Please also note, that we have a kilometer rate for locations outside of Basel.  


Please contact me for further questions or to schedule a first informative talk.

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