What there is to say about me...

„Never start quitting, never quit starting.“ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Nils Walter, Personal Trainer Power Fitness


My Athletic Background

I have been active in a variety of sports:

-tennis (active player in Germany as well as

  coaching education).

-volleyball (active player and coach “Oberliga”

 and also coaching education)


-table tennis



Therapeutic Influences

After being affected by a major knee trauma*, the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation opened to me: to overcome my first diagnosis of being “sports disabled”, the only choice I had left was to try all possible therapies, workouts and rehabilitation methods, as well as to engage in hard and consequent training.

Now, almost 10 years later, I actively practice all kinds of sports with next to no problems, apart from having a slightly reduced range of motion.


*“unhappy triad” (rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament, and the interior meniscus) plus rupture of the lateral collateral ligament, the lateral ligament and a grade III injury of the cartilage.



Organization of several training camps and training courses. Coaching of different sports teams, youth squad athletes and professional athletes in different sports. 


Academic Background

"Staatsexamen" (comparable to a masters degree) in sports at the university of Freiburg in Germany.


Scientific Study

Organization and execution of a scientific study together with MBT (Company for sports/wellness shoes). 


Personal Training

1:1 training and coaching since 2002.


Tournament Support

Coach, Trainer and advisor in several European countries. Amongst others as "Coach Germany" and advisor for sports medical tests/examinations of the DTB (Deutscher Tennisbund,  German Tennis Association) in Cologne. 



Power Fitness


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